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we will do our best to ensure the youth are engaged by having access to their sports, one youth at a time.

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About us

Ace’s Solid Sports is a Sports Developing company that provides programmes of sport and physical activity to schools, organisations, communities, and sports clubs. The company uses sport creatively to address wider issues such as health inequality, behaviour, and attendance, narrowing the gap in learning. The organisation can deliver its programmes specifically to also meet   individual group.
For years sports have dominated various headlines across the globe. A lot of that has to do with how seriously people take sports.
For those that participate, sports can make them more physically fit and teach about the values of teamwork. It can make them stronger physically and mentally.
For those that are fans, sometimes they go into a bout of depression if their favourite team loses. Conversely, if their team wins, they can be incredibly happy. Some fans live and die with their teams. Sometimes they take it a little too seriously. Sports, for the fan, are a form of entertainment. Just like music and movies and reading.


Here are our key main component.

Consult. Engage. Empower

our aim and objectives

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  • Delivering ideas on transparent and sustainable platform .
  • To persuade every community and cities, by encouraging their participation in the development of sports.
  • Secure a national television contract for a weekly one-hour programme .
  • Production of the weekly ,one-hour  sports programme .
  • Ability to scout talent and develop new talent.
  • Syndicate and distribute television programme worldwide .

Ace’s Solid  Sports has set the following  objectives to be achieved,  during and  over the first three years of expansion and growth. Become the most popular sports company with sponsored Sports events such as Community Shield, Africa sports personality of the year, Boxing grand submit (yearly event) & Ace’s Football Pre-Season Tour.

  1. Secure a national television contract for a weekly one-hour programme .
  2. Begin production of the weekly ,one-hour  sports programme .
  3. Ability to scout talent and develop new talent.
  4. Syndicate and distribute television programme worldwide .


Ace’s Solid   Sports will establish a family-oriented Sports television programme and international distribution and sale. It will support the television programme with live events. Additional revenues will be generated from:-

  • Sponsorship and advertising revenues .
  • Merchandising of souvenir, concession items, and series of videos for sale via mail order and official Ace’s Solid Sports web site.
  • Creation of an agent company to deliver sporting talents round the world .
  • Having a Sports channel .
  • Within 3years, Ace’s Solid Sports will become recognised and established as the #1 African Sports company and a major player within the industry. Our programmes will consistently receive TV ratings ,and we will have used major  established  stars to entice  viewers and fans  to tune  in  while , at the same time , introduce outstanding new talent .
Within five years, Ace’s  Solid Sports will be able to make a serious run at the first most popular position. Ace’s Solid  Sports will base its appeal on filling the major void currently existing in developing and Sponsoring Sports events /programmes. By appealing to the masses, rather than a limited group of hard-core fans , Ace’s Solid Sports will seek to maximize its appeal , exposure ,profits by being  truly committed to ‘’ family values’’ Currently, no such African country with Sports developing with Sponsorship programmes exits. Fans have only sports programming available, and they are carbon copies of each other in format and design. This is seen as part of a weekly television programming Ace’s Solid Sports fans will be encouraged to have their children follow our programme, and we will create role models that are strong and positive, and family oriented in every way. It makes strong business sense to appeal to the majority or masses of sports that range from 3 to 94 are 45% female and extraordinarily strong in the 20- to 49-year-old male segment of the population. Any sports should not be to certain people ….or to the hard core extreme. By tapping to the mainstream,’’ Ace’s  Solid Sports will have a unique and strong position within the sports industry that will yield maximum profit potential
Ade Adegbuyi – Director /Founder
Ade is the founder of Ace’s Solid Sports. Ade spent his youth playing semiprofessional football and participation in various sporting events, but due to injury his football career was put on a hold. He attended Greenwich University with a degree in BSC Health, also attended West Kent College with and obtained  a certificate in Supervisory development. Ade’s interest in football lead to him achieving a certificate in  UK FA coaching